Sharp estimates for solutions of Mean Field equation with collapsing singularities


Topic:Sharp estimates for solutions of Mean Field equation with collapsingsingularities

Speaker: Research FellowYang Wen

Event date: 12/6/2019

Event time: 14:00 pm

Venue: Lecture Hall 204,Building 9

Sponsor: School ofMathematics and Statistics, Institute of Science and Technology

Abstract: In the seminarwork, Brezis-Merle, Li-Shafrir,Bartolucci-Tarantello showed that any sequenceof blow up solutions for (singular) Mean field equations must exhibit a “massconcentration” property. In this talk, I will show this phenomenon might notoccur in general by analyzing the blow up solution of the Mean field equationwith collapsing singularities. Among other facts, I will present that incertain situations,the collapsing rate of the singularities can be used todescribe the blow up rate.