40 Majors in JSNU Have Been Selected as National and Provincial Top Undergraduate Major of China.


Recently, the Ministry of Education has released a list ofnational and provincial top undergraduate specialty of China. And our university has 8 majors selected as national first-class undergraduate majorand 14 majors as Jiangsu province’s top, with selection number and rate ranking high among the counterparts. As of now, 40 specialties of our university were included in the top-ranking undergraduate major of China ( 24 majors atnational level and 16 at provincial level ), covering all professional schools of JSNU.

Since the Ministry of Education launched into developing top undergraduate majors of China in April of 2019, JSNU has held meetings many times and organized trainingand tutoring for teachers. Later, our university recommended 42 majors for national and provincial top undergraduate major of China and achieved the selection rate of 95.23%.

In recent years, our university has followed the guideline of the national education assembly and regarded fostering virtue as our fundamental task so as to meet the needs of socio-economic development, refine the specialty layout and keep boosting the development of first-class undergraduate major of China. The fact that 40 majors having been selected as national and provincial top undergraduate major of China provides great impetus for our university in building a high-quality specialty system, enhancing the quality of talents and developing a distinctive normal university with high level. The next step of our university is to further strengthen the development of top undergraduate major. Through benchmarking the university’s majors, bringing out the full potential of majors and improving the quality assurance system for majors, we will build a new development pattern coordinating top undergraduate major, curriculum, teaching material and discipline and help boost the quality of our university’s talents.