JSNU new record in the 26th College President Cup Table Tennis Contest


The 26th College President Cup Table Tennis Contest of Jiangsu Province was held at Suzhou University of Science and Technology from October 12 to 13. A total of 50 undergraduate college teams and 69 higher vocational college teams competed in two groups. JSNU has won the tenth place in the undergraduate group, setting its record of this event in recent years. 

JSNU attached great importance to the match and set up a team by Professor Hua Guihong, Party Secretary of CPC JSNU Committee as the leader, Professor Wang Chao, the former Party Secretary of CPC Xuzhou University of Engineering and teacher of JSNU School of Chemistry and Materials Science also as coach, and President Zhou Ruguang, Deputy President Qian Jin, Huang Junwei and Miao Zhengke as members to participate. Overcoming the time constraints, busy working affairs and other factors, all team members of our school presented tenacious struggle and courageously strive for the first. After two days of fierce competition, JSNU finally stood out from 50 undergraduate colleges and universities, ranking the 10th position, which has been the best record of our school in recent years. 

The “President Cup” table tennis competition of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province is sponsored by Jiangsu Student Sports Association. As a traditional event in the field of higher education, it has formed distinctive characteristics and been widely welcomed and supported by colleges and universities in Jiangsu after 26 sessions.