New breakthrough in national (MOE) scientific research platform – JSNU Collaborative Innovation Center for Language Ability co-sponsored by province and MOE


According to the “Notice of the affirmation of 2019 collaborative innovation centers co-sponsored by provinces and MOE” released by the office of Ministry of Education recently, the Collaborative Innovation Center for Language Ability, Jiangsu Normal University was approved successfully.

The affirmation was initiated in 2018, and it was a significant way for our nation to advance the collaborative innovation among universities and serving the construction of a socialist modernized strong nation. Since early October in 2018, our university embarked on the declaration work with joint support from school leaders and related departments. After nearly one-year effort, our collaborative innovation center was finally approved.

Collaborative Innovation Center for Language Ability of JSNU was identified provincial collaborative innovation center in March 2014. Since the approval, it pursued the spirit of “Demand, Excellence and Top-class” from the very beginning. At the same time, it orients itself as an institution that stands the highest level in Chinese linguistic ability, a best platform for academic communication among the first class experts, and an advanced key think tank involved in national linguistic resource conservation and development, linguistic information security and literal career construction. Moreover, itcan meet our major strategic demands and promote Chinese linguistic ability research and application to reach the international level.

This approval is going to raise the center’s innovation ability substantially, comprehensively boost great-leap-forward development of scientific research platform and discipline construction and contribute to the construction of high-level university, giving full play of the unique function of universityin the construction of an innovation-orientated nation.