Dr. Han Xiguang and his team published papers in Natura Communications


With Jiangsu Normal University as the firstsignature unit, Associate Professor Han Xiguang, from School of Chemistry &Materials Science led his Research Team, cooperating with Professor Zhao Yanlinfrom Nanyang Technological University and published a paper titled “Double-shelledhollow rods assembled from nitrogen/sulfur-codopedcarbon coated indium oxidenanoparticles as excellent photocatalysts” in Nature Communications on May 22. Dr. Sun Liming and postgraduatestudent Li Rong from School of Chemistry & Materials Science contributedequally to this work as first authors. Associate Professor Han Xiguang is thecorresponding author.

NatureCommunication, the top international comprehensiveacademic journal, with 5-Year Impact Factor of 13.7, has a great significancein all research fields.


Excellent catalytic activity, highstability and easy recovery are three key elements for fabricating efficientphotocatalysts, while developing a simple method to fabricate suchphotocatalysts with these three features at the same time is highlychallenging. In this study, we successfully synthesized double-shelled hollowrods (DHR) assembled by nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S)-codoped carbon coatedindium(III) oxide (In2O3) ultra-small nanoparticles (N,S-C/In2O3 DHR).N,S-C/In2O3 DHR exhibits remarkable photocatalytic activity, high stability andeasy recovery for oxidative hydroxylation reaction of arylboronic acidsubstrates. The catalyst recovery and surface area were well balanced throughimproved light harvesting, contributed by concurrently enhancing the reflectionon the outer porous shell and the diffraction in the inside double-shelledhollow structure, and increased separation rate of photogenerated carriers.Photocatalytic mechanism was investigated to identify the main reactive speciesin the catalytic reactions. The electron separation and transfer pathway viaN,S-codoped graphite/In2O3 interface was revealed by theoretical calculations.

Associate Professor Han Xiguang was born inAugust, 1983 and the academic leader of Jiangsu Innovative Project. Hisresearch interest concludes surface control of inorganic nanocrystal and itsrelated performance. As the first author or corresponding author, he haspublished nearly 50 papers in NC, JACS, Angew, ACS catalysis and other academicjournals. Totally, his papers have been cited for over 2,000 times. He hostedand completed 2 National Natural Science Fund projects, 1 MOE major project and1 Provincial Natural Science Fund project. In 2018, he has won 1 third prize ofJiangsu Provincial Higher Education Institution Natural Science Award and 1third prize of Huaihai Science and Technology Award.

Dr. Sun Liming was born in September, 1986.His research interest is the design of nanomaterials photocatalysis and theapplication of controllable synthesis in photocatalysis. As the first authorand corresponding author, he has published about 10 papers in NC, ACScatalysis, Nanoscale and other academic journals. Besides, he hosted andcompleted 1 Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Fund project.