Ushering in the 2019 Labors’ Day with art exhibition


The opening ceremony of “Ushering in the 2019 Labors’ Day” Art Exhibition, sponsored by Jiangsu Normal University and Xuzhou City Federation of Literary and Art Circles, was held at Jiangsu Normal University on the morning of April 29. Huang Junwei, Vice President of JSNU,Meng Zhaoxue, Director of Publicity Department of JSNU and representatives from School of Fine Arts attended the ceremony.

Vice President Huang gave a speech and his congratulation to the success of the exhibition. He hoped that JSNU Art Gallery could keep launching diverse and multicultural exhibitions for JSNUers and creating a heavy artistic atmosphere. Peng Naili, Vice Chair of XCFLACexpressed his compliment towards the teachers and students of School of FineArts. Then, Hui Jian, Dean of the School of Fine Arts addressed an opening speech before Director Meng announcing the officially opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition put traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, block prints, photographs, designs and more than 400works, which showed artists’ inventive mind and creative ideas.