JSNU leaders visited Class of 2021 exchange students in Beijing Normal University


Professor Qian Jin, Vice President of Jiangsu Normal University led our delegation to pay a visit to 10 JSNU students of class of 2021 from CW Chu College in Beijing Normal University for a short-term exchange, expressing concern and greetings on behalf of JSNU. Our delegation asked the study situation of those students while they reported their curriculum selection, study situation and spare time arrangement to Vice President Qian.

Vice President Qian gave a positive commentto 10 students’ comprehensive quality and spirit and proposed his three wishes to them. First, he hoped that students could make full use of BNU’s resources and present JSNU’s spirit; second, he hoped that students could share their lives with classmates in Xuzhou and expand the function of exchange; third, he hoped that everyone could conclude their exchange study after the courses and raise some suggestions from the perspective of learners. Students showed their gratitude to JSNU for the care and said that they would cherish this opportunity.

In recent years, CW Chu College has paid much attention to build multi college platforms through exchange study or study tour. It has signed cooperative agreements with Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University and other famous colleges to provide more excellentstudy resources for students.