JSNU Made Great Achievements in the Sixth National Art Performance Activity for College Students


Recently, the sixth national art performance activity for college students was held successfully. The Ministry of Education announced the awards of relevant universities according to the evaluation results of the national competition. The teachers and students of JSNU won 1 first prize and 4 second prizes in the national competition, and the number of prizes won in the national competition ranked the second in the province. In terms of the overall level of awards and the number of awards, JSNU has achieved the best results in recent years. JSNU also won the “Excellent Organization Award” for the first time in the national art performance activity for college students.

The national art performance activity is the highest, largest and most influential art event for college students in China. It has been held every three years since 2004. The activity fully shows the ideal and faith of contemporary college students to walk with the Communist Party of China, walk with the motherland, walk with the times, walk with the people, and walk with the dream. Up to 90 percent of universities nationwide joined the activity, and nearly 10,000 students and teachers participated in the performance.

School leaders of JSNU have attached great importance to the preparation for the art performance activity. JSNU has set up an art education leading group headed by Professor Hua Guihong, Party Secretary of CPC JSNU Committee, and an art education center. During the two years of competition, the school leaders have hosted many group meetings to discuss and guide the work. The breakthrough of this great art performance has been achieved by the close cooperation and collaboration of the school and the relevant departments. The qualifications and technical support of the colleges have laid a solid foundation for the achievement of the school.